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Michigan Motorcycle Show

Rules & Regulations

Show Dates

Saturday and Sunday - January 11-12, 2014

Bike Registration

Friday - January 10th 11am-6pm

Competitor Schedule

Friday 10th January

11am - 6pm

Bike move in and registration
(closed to public)

Saturday 11th January

11am - 6pm

Open to public

Sunday 12th January

11am - 5pm

Open to public



Judges meeting



Awards ceremony



Bike move out commences

Class Definitions

You may enter your bike(s) into the following classes. If you have any questions about whether your bike is eligible for a particular class, then please contact us.

1. American Custom
• Factory, standard production based, two wheel manufactured motorcycle. Stock Frame. Engine Mods, sheetmetal/body work (including paint), suspension, chrome accessories, custom wheels, seat, exhaust, and handle bars allowed.

2. Metric Custom
• Factory, standard production based two wheel manufactured motorcycle. Stock Frame. Engine Mods, sheetmetal/body work (including paint), suspension, chrome accessories, custom wheels, seat, exhaust, and handle bars allowed.

3. Touring Custom
• Any two-wheeled touring model with hard bags and wind deflection. Stock frame Engine Mods, sheetmetal/body work (including paint), suspension, chrome accessories, custom wheels, seat, exhaust, and handle bars allowed. Raked frame bikes will be placed in Radical.

4. Sport Custom
• Two wheeled factory, standard production based, manufactured motorcycle built for high performance and handling. Swing arms extended 24 inches or over will be classed in Radical.
• Examples: V-ROD, Ninja

5. Old School Bobber
• 180 or smaller rear tire, stock rake/, rear fender less than 10" past axle line, minimum sheetmetal and hand controls.

6. Factory Custom
• Factory built custom production two wheel motorcycle. Big Dog, Boss Hoss, Orange County Choppers, etc.

7. Radical
• Unlimited class. One off, custom two-wheeled motorcycle. Rake over 38 degrees and/or extended front forks, includes all models.

8. Vintage
• Two or three wheeled motorcycle manufactured in any country that is 25 years or older and is presented in OEM/original style.

9. Vintage Custom
• Two motorcycle manufactured in any country that is 25 years or older Customized to a level below Radical

10. Garage Bike
• No fat tire bikes, no kit bikes, no full restoration bikes, no bolt on bikes, no shop titled bikes. Fit and form take precedence over function and safety in this uniquely judged category. Class includes unique fabrication of any two or three wheeled motorcycle with creativity and ingenuity at a premium.

11. Three-wheeler
• All three-wheel and side car motorcycles that are not Vintage.

12. Pro Builder
• Any style motorcycle not registered/tagged and owned by shop

Best of Show
• Motorcycle that receives the highest number of judging points.

  • The only “stock” bikes in competition are Vintage
  • Bikes subject to re-classification, by Lead Judge, during check-in.
  • Minor defects from riding (chips, fading, etc.) will not be counted against the bike, but cleanness weighs into scoring.
  • Bikes are scored on their merits, not against other bikes.
  • IMBBA members will receive 8 points by entering,or 10 points if place, toward certification.
  • All decisions of the Judges are final

Terms & Conditions of Entry


Completion of the Official Entry Form is essential. No participation will be permitted without it.

All entries are accepted subject to, and with acceptance of, these event terms and conditions, including liabilities.  All entries remain provisional until bikes are registered at the event itself.


The decision to permit or decline participation is entirely and solely at the discretion of the organizers and no correspondence, dialog, or any other form of communication or explanation for any such decisions will be entered into or provided.

Specifically the organizers reserve the right to deny participation to any builder and motorcycle on the grounds of decency related matters and taste. This includes, but is not limited to, the use and display of messages, forms of words, images or designs that are considered by the organizers to be unsuitable; and to behavior or behaviors that the organizers, also at their sole discretion, deem inappropriate.

Entries will only be accepted by the builder of an entered motorcycle, and any award entitlement is to the builder, as opposed to the owner, of a winning entry. Repeat entry of the same bike in subsequent years is not permitted.


Bikes must be registered in advance of the event date. Space is limited and subject to change, and registration can be closed without notice. Bikes must be presented at the event facility between 8am and 7pm on Friday January 20, 2012. Bikes arriving outside these times without prior arrangement with the organizers may be refused entry.


All bikes must be capable of starting and running. Entrants will be required to prove that they are 'runners' in order to claim an award, either by submitting video evidence in advance of the event or passing a 'run test' as part of the registration process.


All entrants will be required to provide a brief technical specification of their entered bike(s) in advance of the event date, which will be used on the display placard identifying their bike. No additional display materials including, but not limited to, flyers, business cards, boards, logo signs, posters, lighting, reflective flooring or other props are permitted to enhance the bike display.

Bikes must remain in place at all times until the event closes at 5pm on Sunday January 20th. There are no exceptions to this rule.


The organizers reserve the right to set a limit on the number of bikes any single builder may enter. Please discuss with us in advance, and indicate planned number on the Official Entry Form.


Where possible, all bikes will be photographed for use in future promotions of, but not limited to, the Michigan Motorcycle Show. A certificate of participation and inclusion in the event website registry will be provided to all entrants.

All entrants accept that copyright of all or any images or information concerning them or their bikes arising from their participation are the property of Michigan Motorcycle Show, and that these may be shared with all or any other media for royalty/payment-free use at the sole discretion of Michigan Motorcycle Show.

Specifically, the organizers must be informed, at least 14 days prior to the event, of any entry subject to an 'exclusive' contract prohibiting publication of show photography as this affects our ability to accept its entry, as Michigan Motorcycle Show cannot be denied the right to use images and details of bikes in its general news releases and features. Any such contract subsequently signed must acknowledge Michigan Motorcycle Show’s precedence of photographic rights as stated above.

Participant and attendee photography for personal use is permitted. Permissions for image or information usage will never be unreasonably denied. The organizers simply ask for event naming rights and photographer credits to be observed, stated and recognized/acknowledged as appropriate.


The International Master Bike Builders Association (IMBBA) will be responsible for classing, judging, and tallying.  All Motorcycles must operate fully and each motorcycle is judged on four elements of Fit, form, Function and safety. This show and its judging points system awards points up and down the IMBBA scale.  Each point is awarded by the judges when one of each of the eight attributes (described below) is being examined.  For example when the attributes of the Wheels meet the Fit Form, Function and Safety, then and only then, can the judge provide the minimum points in that given category, and then potentially advance or reduce the points based upon superiority or deficiencies. For particular changes, improvements in cosmetics and or designs, points awarded in that category stop advancing when one or more of the four elements have been compromised.  This is the IMBBA Way!

Categories that the judges will judge are as follows:

Engine and Drive Train
Front End and controls
Frame and suspension
20 points
10 points
10 points
10 points
10 points
10 points
20 points
10 points


0 to 10 rating

Judging begins with all builders receiving the middle of the road points for each of the eight attributes.  For each point class of inspection every bike begins at 5 (this is termed “middle of the road”.)  If the condition of the category is favorable and meets the four elements of Fit Form Function and Safety the judge will advance by the merit of the physical attribute up to a total of 10 or 20 points depending upon the attribute.  If it doesn’t meet the definition of the four elements to advance from the middle score position, then the judge will, from the middle score position, go backwards. Each backwards point only affects the attribute being scored within that attribute.


Awards will be presented to the top three bikes in each class. The awards ceremony will be held at 3.00pm on Sunday January 20th.


The Best of Show winner shall be permitted to use the title of 'Michigan State Champion Custom Bike Builder' and logo for a period of no more or no less than one year following the announcement of the results for the year concerned. He or she may use this title in all or any of his or her personal or business promotional activities and materials, but at all times the title remains the property of the owners of Michigan Motorcycle Show, and all or any consents can be withdrawn at any time entirely at Michigan Motorcycle Shpow’s discretion. The winner, after one year, may refer to him or herself in a past tense, sense and manner, as having been the ‘Michigan State Champion Custom Bike Builder' for the year concerned.

The official logo and the wording 'The Michigan State Champion of Custom Bike Building' and ‘Michigan Motorcycle Show’ are the sole property and registered marks of the owners of Michigan Motorcycle Show, and remain so at all times. Their use is entirely at the discretion of Michigan Motorcycle Show, and subject to permission.


Participation in the event will constitute acceptance of these and all or any other rules or regulations pertaining to participation in and operation of the event.

Participation in the Michigan Motorcycle Show does not imply any involvement in or endorsement of any kind whatsoever by Michigan Motorcycle Show of that builder or that builder's company, of his work, of the quality (or otherwise) of that specific motorcycle, or in any other way or of any other kind, of all or any activities (commercial or otherwise) of the individual or business concerned.


All costs connected with bikes appearing at, and being removed from, the Michigan Motorcycle Show are entirely the responsibility of the entrant. The organizers may, at their discretion, require the entrant to pay any sums arising from participation, or to compensate Michigan Motorcycle Show for all or any other liabilities arising from participation.

Michigan Motorcycle Show and CTD Holdings, Inc. shall be held harmless and do not accept any liabilities whatsoever, howsoever caused, arising from weather, acts of God and/or participation in the event. Participation is entirely at the builder's own risk in all respects.

The organizers will, of course, take the steps that it deems appropriate or reasonable to ensure the safety and security of the motorcycle(s) concerned, but can in no way accept any kind of liability for any loss or damage arising, of any kind whatsoever.

All liabilities and insurances are the responsibility of the competitor in all respects. All other liabilities remain with the competitor at all times. Completion of the Official Entry Form or having a motorcycle placed on display indicates that you have read and understood the terms and conditions, and that you unconditionally accept them.


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